Nippers Program

Nippers is a water safety program for children aged 5 to 13. Nipper's age category based on their actual age at 30 September.

E.g. To qualify for Under 8's, Nippers must have turned 7 years old by the 30th September. 

Nippers also need to pass a proficiency float/swim to participate in the program.

A Family Membership includes:

  • Season of seven club beach based sessions.

With the potential for a program this season of above 250 participants, 13th Beach SLSC Committee of Management require the active support from the parents of our nippers.

To participate in the program there will be a requirement of 1 parent volunteer at a minimum 4 sessions.

At a minimum we need the following numbers below cover to proceed with the program for season 2023/2024

  • 25 Adults complete a Bronze Medallion (link to register below) 
  • 16 Parents to complete the Age Managers Course (Club appointed with LSV qualification link to complete below)
  • 12 Activity Managers (Deliver activities on land or in the water daily under the direction of the Nipper Ops Managers)

The nipper program this season will have the following personal on the beach everyday.

  • 8 Adult Water Safety personal 
  • 8 Age Managers (one per age group)
  • 8 Assistant Age Managers (one per group)
  • 12 Activity Manager to be allocated to each activity 
  • 4 Beach Set up People
  • 4 Beach Pack up People
  • 2 First Aid People 

There will Adult Bronze Course details and dates coming soon, planned commencement of Course 1st weekend Oct with assessment on 1st weekend in November


Below are the key times and dates for this season program.

We have fully functional cafe this season with coffee available daily from 0800

On the program days we will have a traffic managment company in place to ensure the safety of our members and equipment accessing the beach.

Wednesday 27th Dec 2pm to 4pm, NIpper pack collection day and merchandise sales, cafe open lounge and kitchen from 4pm

Day 1 - Thu 28th December 2023

Day 2 - Fri 29th December 2023

Day 3 - Sat 30th December 2023

Under 6s - Under 10s session times 0900 to 1030

Under 11s - Under 13s session times 1100 to 1230

The Nipper Night and Club Doorknock will be at the club on Sat 30th Dec at 5pm, doorknock 1st then there will be kids activities, soft serve, ice cream, fairy floss and dinner @ the club.

Day 4 - Tues 2nd December 2024

Day 5 – Wed 3rd January 2024

Day 6 - Thu 4th January 2024

Under 6s - Under 10s session times 0900 to 1030

Under 11s - Under 13s session times 1100 to 1230

There is a Nipper Carnival at Cosy Corner Torquay on Friday 5th Jan 2023, where we will have nipper members competing there, no program this day

Day 7Sat 6th January 2024


1030am start

This will be a whole club event NIPPER AND SENIOR MEMBERS with presentations at the club from 4pm with Kitchen and Lounge Open

Join as a family


The nippers program is a great way for children to get involved in surf education and learn valuable lessons in staying safe on the Australian coastline.

PLEASE NOTE Nippers is not a learn to swim program therefore participants are required to have a certain level of swimming ability in order to participate in the 13th Beach SLSC Nipper program.


  • The main aims of the Nippers Education Program are to:
  • Develop surf and inland waterway awareness 
  • Increase confidence and skills in beach related activities 
  • Instill and reinforce SunSmart philosophies 
  • Encourage enjoyable and healthy participation 
  • Promote a positive non-threatening environment
  • Meet new friends 

For more information regarding the nippers program, please contact Michael Schofield